Volume 142, Issue 2, February 2016

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A Perspective on Brazilian Forest Policies and Management:Are there some Lessons for India?  | 
Suresh Chandra Gairola 103-111
Total views: 281
A Study on Passages to Global Climate Change Financing:Funding for a Greener Earth  | 
Kapil Kumar Joshi 112-120
Total views: 781
Fluctuation of Forest Floor Litter Arthropod Population at Two Tropical Dry Evergreen Forests in India  | 
L. Arul Pragasan 121-126
Total views: 191
Clonal Testing of Eucalyptus Clones and Estimation of their Genetic Parameters  | 
Ashok Kumar, G. P. S. Dhillon 127-132
Total views: 367
In vitro Seed Germination Studies of Drypetes roxburghii (Wall) Hurusava  | 
K. Sri Rama Murthy, M. Chandrasekhara Reddy 133-138
Total views: 259
Seedling Evaluation of Nyctanthes arbor-Tristis linn  | 
Nawa Bahar 139-143
Total views: 184
Studies on Adoption of Traditional Agroforestry among the Farmers in District Sonbhadra, Uttar Pradesh  | 
R. K. Anand, Neelam Khare, S. V. Dwivedi, M. P. Singh, Rajiv Umrao 144-150
Total views: 257
Green Approaches and Sustainable Development of Conventional Methods of Bleaching Used in Paper Industry  | 
Anju Bhatnagar 151-155
Total views: 214
Studies on Sacred Groves and Sacred Trees along the Eastern Bank of River Hoogly of North 24 Parganas, West Bengal  | 
Udipta Chakraborti, Olive Biswas, Aditya Kumar Das, Sankarsan Roy, Priyanka Das, B. Mitra 156-166
Total views: 244
Life-Forms and Biological Spectrum of Deeva Ka Daanda a Sacred Grove in Garhwal Himalaya  | 
J. C. Ghildiyal, Naveen Barthwal, Ajay Khantwal 167-178
Total views: 308
Nest-Plant Correlation and Predator Preclusion in Asian Openbill Storks (Anastomus ascitans):A Case Study from Nawabgunj Bird Sanctuary, India  | 
Arti Garg 179-186
Total views: 225
Studies on Insect Pest Association in Shisham Based Agrisilviculture System with Special Reference to Pruning Intensity  | 
Vishwajeet Sharma, Ved Pal Singh, Falguni Behera 187-192
Total views: 191

Research Notes

Effect of Host Plants on Growth and Survival of Sandalwood (Santalum album L.) in West Bengal  | 
Sudhir Chandra Das, Jagatpati Tah 193-195
Total views: 190
Occurrence of Twin Seedlings in Syzygium caryophyllatum (L.) Alston. Is an Endemic Tree and Coscinium fenestratum (Gaertn.) Colebr. Is a Critically Endangered Species of Western Ghats  | 
A. Hussain, C. Anilkumar 196-197
Total views: 151
Incidence, Host Range, Extent of Damage and Environmental Friendly Ways of Controlling Mango Mealy Bug, Drosicha mangiferae (Stebbins) Menace on Trees in Chandigarh, Haryana and Punjab  | 
Jagdish Chander 198-202
Total views: 197

Forest Notes And Observations

A Simple and Cost-Effective Method of Raising Quality Planting Material of Picrorhiza kurroa Royle Ex. Benth  | 
T. S. Mehra, R. Raina, Puran Chandra, Romesh Chand 203-204
Total views: 160

From The Indian Forester- One Hundred Years Ago

From The Indian Forester - One Hundred Years Ago  | 
Total views: 116