Volume 133, Issue 2, February 2007

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Variation for Qualitative Fruit Parameters among Seed Production Areas of Teak (Tectona grandis L.F) in Kerala  | 
H. Nagesh Prabhu, Rajesh P. Gunaga, T. Surendran 149-154
Total views: 282
Role of Traditional Ecological Knowledge in Natural Resource Management among Monpas of North-western Arunachal Pradesh  | 
Somidh Saha, N. S. Bisht 155-164
Total views: 720
Population Size of a Weed, lantana camara L. in the Understorey of Teak Forests of Anaimalais, Western Ghats as Influenced by Upper Canopy Cover  | 
S. Paulsamy, S. Padmavathy, S. Thangaraj Pannerselvam, D. Senthilkumar 165-170
Total views: 266
Heavy Metal Levels in Wild Edible Mushroom Samples from Nayagram Block of Midnapore District, West Bengal  | 
Nilanjana Das 171-178
Total views: 718
Effect of Potting Medium Ingredients and Sieve Size on the Growth of Seedlings of Sandalwood (Santalum album L.) in Root Trainers  | 
D. Annapurna, T. S. Rathore, G. Joshi 179-188
Total views: 378
Influence of Biocontrol Agents, Plant Products, AM Fungi and Rhizobium on Suppression of Fusarium Wilt and Growth of D. sissoo Seedlings  | 
Yogendra Singh, R. K. Verma, Jamaluddin 189-196
Total views: 254
Biochemical and Cuticular Variation in Teak Clone Leaves and Resistance to Teak Defoliator  | 
J. Prasanth Jacob, A. Balu 197-205
Total views: 466
Clonal Propagation of some Bamboo Species through Adventitious Rhizogenesis in Culm Cuttings  | 
N. P. S. Nain, S. L. Meena, K. K. Kunjam, S. P. Tripathi, Sanjay Singh 206-210
Total views: 375
Effect of Stratification on Biochemical Composition of Cedrus deodara  | 
Parvez Ahmad Sofi, S. D. Bhardwaj 211-214
Total views: 309
Inter-clonal Variation in Dalbergia sissoo Roxb. with Respect to Growth Performance, Survival and Phenological Characteristics in Different Climatic Zones  | 
R. S. Rawat, S. Nautiyal 215-228
Total views: 254
Influence of Soil Water Deficit on the Growth and Root Growth Potential of Dalbergia sissoo Seedlings in an Arid Environment  | 
Bilas Singh, G. Singh 229-238
Total views: 254
Biomass Production and Prediction Models for Acacia nilotica in Salt Affected Vertisols in Karnataka  | 
A. Raizada, M. S. Rama Mohan Rao, K. T. N. Nambiar, M. Padmaiah 239-246
Total views: 310
Juvenile Wood Versus Mature Wood Densities in Cedrus deodara (Roxb.) Loud.  | 
M. B. Sharma, C. L. Sharma 247-251
Total views: 237
Soil, Vegetation and Parent Material Relationship in Maldeota Area of Mussoorie forest Division, Uttarakhand  | 
Rachna Tewari 252-260
Total views: 422

Research Notes

Vegetative Propagation of less Known Fern - Cyrtomium caryotideum - a New Approach  | 
Anita Tomar, Rajeev K. Srivastava 261-262
Total views: 240
Mass Propagation Protocol for a Podocarpus neriifolius D. Don. through Juvenile Shoot Cuttings  | 
S. Nautiyal, D. P. Nautiyal, H. C. S. Bhandari, Pankaj Kumar, Rakesh Prakash 263-265
Total views: 370
Estimation of Losses Due to Leaf Spot and Twig Blight in Neem  | 
H. C. Balachandra, S. T. Naik 266-270
Total views: 228
Certain New Combinations in Flora of India  | 
R. C. Srivastava 271-272
Total views: 225
Gregarious Flowering of a Hill Bamboo, Sinarundinaria maling, in Arunachal Pradesh  | 
H. B. Naithani, Anup Chandra, S.A.S. Biswas 273-274
Total views: 418
Use of some Medicinal Plants to Cure Migraine  | 
Amit Tomar 275-278
Total views: 280
Occurrence of Albino and Tricotyledonous Seedlings in Eucalyptus citriodora Hook. (Myrtaceae)  | 
Kesari Nagesh, M. Ramesh, Vinay Kumar, M. R. Bhanja 279-281
Total views: 240

Letters To The Editor

Deep Concern of H.E. Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam the President of India about Bio-fuel in Chhattisgarh  | 
B. P. Nonhare 295-297
Total views: 267