Volume 142, Issue 12, December 2016

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Implementation of Forest Rights Act 2006 in Protected Areas of Odisha  | 
Tapas Kumar Sarangi 1149-1156
Total views: 749
Estimation of Genetic Parameters among Intra and Interspecific Progenies of Tree Willows  | 
Punit Choudhary, N. B. Singh, J. P. Sharma, Archna Verma 1157-1163
Total views: 284
Seed Source Variation in Bauhinia purpurea L.  | 
Michelle Irengbam, Manisha Thapliyal 1164-1170
Total views: 222
Study on the Efficacy of Plant Growth Promoting Microbes on Seed Germination and Disease Control of Melia dubia in Nursery  | 
S. S. Sreedhar, V. Mohan 1171-1177
Total views: 252
Diversity of Ganoderma lucidum Collected from Different Host Tree Species from North India  | 
Sona Singh, N. S. K. Harsh, Suresh Chandra 1178-1184
Total views: 298
Conservation of Ceropegia maccannii Ansari through in vitro Raised Seedlings  | 
Anuradha S. Upadhye, Priyanka B. Waghmode, Namrata S. Gaikwad, Pallavi M. Dhavare 1185-1190
Total views: 247
Pollination in Aconitum heterophyllum Wall. - A Critically Endangered Temperate Himalayan Medicinal Plant Species  | 
Vinod Kumar, Ravinder Raina, Sandeep Sharma 1191-1194
Total views: 238
Leafing and Leaf Fall Patterns of some Woody Plants of Tikamgarh (Madhya Pradesh)  | 
J. R. Ahirwar 1195-1198
Total views: 233
Fuelwood and Fodder Consumption Pattern an Altitudinal Gradient (1000 - 1200 M) in Mountain Villages of Almora District  | 
Narayan Singh, L. S. Lodhiyal 1199-1206
Total views: 253
Payment for Watershed Services: A Potential Tool for Sustainable Tourism in Indian Himalayas  | 
Srishti Badola, Sakshi Rana 1207-1213
Total views: 294
Impact of Input Use on Biomass Attributes and Carbon Mitigation in Agroforestry Systems of Indian Himalaya  | 
Sandhya Goswam, K. S. Verma, Nazir A. Pala 1214-1219
Total views: 214
Impact of Environmental Changes on Biodiversity in Westernmost Part of West Bengal (India)  | 
Ramsankar Basu 1220-1224
Total views: 280
Effect of Fire Retardant Chemicals on Glue Shear Strength of Plywood  | 
Ajmal Samani, D. P. Khali 1225-1229
Total views: 1160

Research Notes

Five New Additions of Lianas to the State Flora of Tripura, India  | 
Lalawmkima Darlong, Debjyoti Bhattacharyya 1230-1233
Total views: 268
On the Occurrence of Thelypteris polycarpa (Blume) K. Iwats. in Andaman Island with a Note on its Dispersal and Distribution in India  | 
Lal Ji Singh, B. S. Kholia, Brijesh Kumar, Pushpesh Joshi, Sachin Sharma 1234-1236
Total views: 246
Two New Additions to the Flora of United Andhra Pradesh  | 
J. Swamy, K. Chandra Mohan 1237-1238
Total views: 256
Pancratium zeylanicum L. (Amaryllidaceae) a New Distributional Record to Odisha State  | 
K. Chandra Mohan, P. V. Prasanna, P. Rama Chandra Reddy 1239-1240
Total views: 226

Views And Expressions

The Science behind Taboos: A Case Study of Butea monosperma in the Indian Thar Desert  | 
Shilpa Yadav, Vinod K. Yadav 1241-1242
Total views: 204


Late Shri Girish Chandra, IFS (Retd.) (04.03.1929 - 01.11.2016)  | 
R. S. Shukla 1243-1243
Total views: 202

From The Indian Forester- One Hundred Years Ago

From the Indian Forester - One hundred Years Ago  | 
Total views: 226


Announcement  | 
Total views: 305