Volume 143, Issue 4, April 2017

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Relative Economics for Cultivating Salix alba Plantations for Carbon Trading under Temperate Conditions of Kashmir, India  | 
Shah Murtaza, T. H. Masoodi, S. A. Gangoo, P. A. Khan, Akhlaq A. Wani, Aasif Ali Gatoo 297-302
Total views: 220
Carbon Sequestration and above Ground Biomass Produced by Bambusa spp. in the Mid Himalayan Region of Uttarakhand, India  | 
Anjuli Agarwal, J. P. Purwar 303-306
Total views: 200
Green Spaces in Bengaluru: Quantification through Geospatial Techniques  | 
T. V. Ramachandra, Bharath H. Aithal, Gouri Kulkarni, S. Vinay 307-320
Total views: 207
Ecological Analysis of Mohan Medicinal Plant Conservation Area (MPCA) in Uttarakhand, India  | 
Nikita Kala, Rahi Jain 321-327
Total views: 158
Resource Conservation and Economic Utilization of Yamuna Ravine Land through Bamboo (Dendrocalmus strictus) Planatation  | 
A. K. Singh, S. Kala, S. K. Dubey, K. K. Sharama, A. K. Parandiyal, B. K. Rao, B. Prasad 328-333
Total views: 133
Forest Resource Use Pattern in Relation to Socioeconomic Status (A Case Study from Two Altitudinal Zones of Western Himalaya, India)  | 
Hardeep Singh, Zubair A. Malik, Pratibha Baluni 334-343
Total views: 300
Effect of Biofertilizers and Inorganic Fertilizers on Nitrogen and Phosphorus Uptake in Acacia nilotica (L.) Willd. Ex Del. Seedlings  | 
Manwindra Singh, R. K. Garg, Avtar Singh, Sandeep Sharma 344-349
Total views: 166
A Comparative Study of Different Carriers for Bioinoculant Preparation  | 
Pallavi Bhatia, N. S. K. Harsh, R. C. Dubey, P. K. Kaushik 350-354
Total views: 146
Isolation and Characterization of Starch of some Medicinally Important Zingiberaceae Members  | 
Somnath Bhowmik, Suman Das, B. K. Datta 355-359
Total views: 140
Effect of Cement: Wood Particle Ratio on Physical and Mechanical Properties of Cement Bonded Particle Board Using Lantana camara  | 
Manish Ranjan, D. P. Khali, Shweta Bhatt 360-363
Total views: 628
Diversity Status of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal (AM) Fungi in Association with Important NTFP Species in Tropical forests of Central India  | 
Seema Devi, Prodyut Bhattacharya, Poonam Verma, R. K. Verma 364-369
Total views: 166
Studies on Etiology of Decline/Drying in Bael Plants  | 
M. Singh, Sushil Sharma, S. S. Yadav, Ram Karan Gaur, Mukesh Kumar 370-374
Total views: 128
Standardization of Tapping Techniques of Gum Extraction in Lannea coromendelica:A Valuable Gum Yielding Tree  | 
Amol Vasishth 375-379
Total views: 160
Diversity of Fungi Associated with Taxus baccata Linn. in Different Seasons  | 
Ankush Sharma, Anand Sagar, Madhavi Joshi 380-384
Total views: 185

Research Notes

Relocation of Cynometra bourdillonii Gamble (Caesalpiniaceae) in Achankovil Valley, Southern Western Ghats, Kerala  | 
Jose Mathew, K. V. George 385-386
Total views: 109
The Status and Extended Distribution of Streblochaete sanjappae Kabeer and V.J. Nair (Poaceae)  | 
K. A. A. Kabeer, A. Ravi Kiran, J. H. Franklin Benjamin 387-387
Total views: 108
Effect of Seed Size on Germination of Bael (Aegle marmelos (L.)  | 
A. Keerthika, A. K. Shukla, M. B. Noor Mohamed, Dipak Kumar Gupta, P. L. Regar, B. L. Jangid 388-389
Total views: 131
Star Anise (Illicium griffithii Hook. F. and Thoms.): A Socially Important Tree Species from High Altitude Region of Arunachal Pradesh  | 
T. Angami, R. Bhagawati, L. Touthang, Nirmal, T. Ronya 390-391
Total views: 121
Spectacular Occurrence of Twin/Double Fruits in Kigelia pinnata  | 
S. Kala, R. K. Singh 392-393
Total views: 102
Saccolabiopsis pusilla (Lindl.) Seidenf. & Garay and Vanda alpina (Lindl.) Lindl. (Orchidaceae): Two New Records for Darjeeling Himalaya of India  | 
Rajendra Yonzone 394-395
Total views: 120

From The Indian Forester- One Hundred Years Ago

From the Indian Forester - One hundred Years Ago  | 
C. B. Patterson 396-396
Total views: 90


Advertisements  | 
Total views: 92